Floor Flow Six Minute Sessions tutorials average six minutes in length. Learn progressions for several floor work elements, then see how assemble them into a looping flow. The content in each video is unique, and most are suitable for all levels of experience. If prior experience is advised, it is specified in the description.

At the end of each video, it says “Now make it yours and let it Flow”. This is an invitation to play with the content of the session more freely. Find a moment that offers a nice stretch and want to stay? Sweet. Feel like adding body waves and making love to the floor? Excellent. Want to move like a snail or a hurricane? Do it. Make new choices and take chances. Breathe your way through it and let your music take you.

Six Minute Session #1: Open the front and sides of your body with this simple, swishy, lazy day pattern.
Skills: Supine leg swing, supine pull to double stag, prone roll-over


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