Do you enjoy moving on the floor but haven't quite figured out how to be continuous and effortless?

Are you ready to take your floorwork fluidity to the next level?

The Floor Flow collection is a deep dive into looping floorwork patterns. 

These videos will help you synchronize your movement and your breath and feel the ever-present waves, circles, and spirals within you. 

Floor Flow Beginner Preparation Sequence:
It feels so good you may want to do it twice.

This low intensity sequence is intended to improve your awareness, flexibility and posture. Use it to prime your body for the Floor Flow exercises, or life itself. This sequence is perfect for sensitive knees, necks or wrists. (29 minutes)

Floor Flow Basics:
Put some smooth in your moves.
Learn to stretch and strengthen through across the floor movement in these tutorials. Explore silky-smooth beginner level variations of crawling, sweeping, rolling, twisting and more. (30 minutes)

Tutorials include:

  • Hip Stretch Crawl
  • Bug Roll
  • Alternating Hip Bridge and Belly Roll
  • Back Sweep with Torso Circle
  • Swagger Crab
  • Lunge to Seat Roll
  • Tail Whip to Sit

Floor Flow Tutorials Session #5:
Basic Dance Across the Floor Conditioning: Train like a dancer to move like a dancer.
These 11 contemporary dance-based conditioning exercises target lower body strength, flexibility, and core control. The exercises are multi-level, and stay off the floor entirely. Do them anywhere, including the aisles of grocery stores and outdoors. (28 minutes)

Tutorials include:

  • The Heel Raiser
  • Back Walk with Straight Leg Circle
  • Balance Beam Walk
  • Forwards Knee Raise and Twist
  • Step, Step Sidebend
  • Drag and Kick
  • Alternating Rocking Lunge
  • Basic Side Kick
  • Forward Facing C-Curve & Twist
  • Parallel Plié Arabesque
  • Step Brush Back to Same Arm Raise

Floor Flow Tutorials Session 2: The exercises in this video are supple and stay very low to the ground. Included techniques: 

  1. Supine twist to double arm sweep
  2. V-sit to scorpion roll
  3. Seated pike to double leg swing spin
  4. Frobra (half frog/half cobra) to forward shoulder roll

Floor Flow Tutorials Session 4: This tutorial session includes four traveling moves to maximize your slinky skills. Learn to melt your way down, spin your kneeling side kick, build strong, flexible thighs while duck sliding, and travel across the floor on your back. We hope these moves make their way onto your holiday party dance floor.
Level: Intermediate


  1.     Side Travel and Wave Down
  2.    Externally Rotated Duck Slide
  3.    Kneeling Kick and Hip Lift
  4.    Supine Side Swivel

Floor Flow Tutorials Session 6: Three Center Floor Looping Combos: Learn three twisty, infinite combinations. These patterns seamlessly connect. Use these moves as a warm-up, a dynamic stretch, or to expand your floor vocabulary. Includes clear breakdowns of each pattern.

Floor Flow Single 1: In this video: Basic cartwheel to kneeling side angle stretch.

Floor Flow Single 2 - Center Floor Combination: This is a short, super spinny, Floor Flow looping combo. You’ll need a smooth floor and maybe even some extra pants for this one…

Floor Flow Preparation Sequence: This 19-minute sequence can be performed alone, or, as a warm-up for the floor tutorial videos. This video includes floor work foundations like cross-body weight transfer, hip-to shoulder weight transfer, leg swings, spinal twists, and more.  

No equipment needed. Perform on a smooth clean floor and cover your legs, ankles, and shoulders for maximum comfort. Knee pads are optional. 

Floor Flow Tutorials Session 1: Whether in the air or on the ground, fluidity is the  mastery of weight transfer. These tutorials are full of smooth transitions that provide an ongoing dynamic stretch. The best part, by practicing these sequences, you are learning skills that you can easily mix-and-match to create your own flows. 

No equipment needed. Perform on a smooth clean floor and cover your legs, ankles, and shoulders for maximum comfort. Kneepads are optional.

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    • Floor Flow Beginner Preparation Sequence

    • Floor Flow Basics

    • Floor Flow Tutorials Session 2

    • Flow Flow Tutorials Session 4

    • Floor Flow Tutorials Session 6 - Looping

    • Floor Flow Single #1

    • Floor Flow Single 2 - Center Floor Combo

    • Floor Flow Preparation Sequence

    • Floor Flow Session 1, Tutorial 1

    • Floor Flow Session 1, Tutorial 2

    • Floor Flow Session 1, Tutorial 4

    • Floor Flow Session 1, Tutorial 5

    • Floor Flow Session 1, Tutorial 6