Flowbility Session 5 - Basic Warm-Up: Looking for something chill and breathy to get you moving? This soothing floor-based warm-up is just over 30 minutes long and is suitable for all levels. Note: I say "flex the wrist" several times in this video. The anatomical term for this position is actually extension. Whoops!

Flowbility Session 1: This 20-minute sequence focuses on hip and spinal mobility. Flow through leg swings, spinal twists, side bends, arches, and more.

Flowbility Session 2: This gentle all-levels sequence pays special attention to the neck, shoulders, and spine. Find newfound upper body freedom through this sequence of mobilizations. Two yoga blocks and a yoga mat will optimize your alignment and help keep your joints happy. (18 min.)

FREE! Flowbility Wake Up Your Back in Three Minutes: In this excerpt from a rooftop movement session, Marlo leads a quick sequence to wake up your back musculature. Try these moves to enliven your posture and prepare for deeper stretching.  If you have more than three minutes, great! Extend this sequence by performing more repetitions of each exercise -- try each movement for 30 seconds to one minute.

Flowbility - A Wall Stretch - 12 Minutes in Shoulder Opening Heaven: This series of neck, chest, and shoulder opening stretches, uses the wall to increase spine and shoulder awareness. After 12 minutes of delicious articulations and closed-chain movements, your shoulders will sing.