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The Floor Flow Teacher Training Online

with Marlo Fisken

4 months of floor-based methods to uplevel your teaching skills so that you can give your clients the most freeing movement sessions of their lives.

Are you ready to experience remarkable presence and mind-bending Fluidity? 

What does this brilliant Dance + Culture professor think about Floor Flow?

Leah Woods, MFA

Dancer, Kinesthetic creative, Gyrotonics teacher, physical culturalist

"I learned more pedagogically from Floor Flow than I did in my dance masters program. I can't recommend this experience enough!

Marlo's Floor Flow system masterfully teaches somatic awareness, skill acquisition, movement quality, musicality, breath, creativity, and composition. Floor Flow is a brilliant pathway into teaching movement and all its complexities and gifts in an inclusive and scalable way to many populations. She's truly a genius and spending time learning about her process and approach is a game changer for teachers and practices anywhere in their process."


Save $500 and get a BONUS 'First to Flow' class. Through July 11 only. No code needed.

Imagine this:


Your joints feel both strong and supple. 

You feel the entirety of your spine waving with ease. 

Your breath is easy. Your neck is relaxed. 

You feel the support of the ground beneath you.

You move like water. 

You sense in incredible detail. 

You do not just hear the music.

It seeps into you.

You feel free to get weird, wild, aggressive or sensual.

You know when to push--and when to rest.

All parts of you feel welcome in this moment.


This is what it feels like to Floor Flow. 

...Now, imagine being the one to bring that experience to others.



You could be the person who helps others experience freedom of movement--perhaps for the first time in their lives.

Floor Flow is, first, a program for you to grow as a mover and a person.

But, by the end of our four months together, you will be able to confidently guide others into deep focus, experimentation, and fluidity through floorwork. 

Floor Flow in a Nutshell:

A whole lot of highly-accessible slinky-slidey movement action, enough theory to satiate the nerd in you... and buttloads of teaching practices to help you lead sensory-rich, alignment-informed, creative movement practices. (Yes, I said buttloads.)

When you take the Floor Flow Teacher Training, some people will think you are investing in noodling around on the floor and luxuriating in the sensual pleasures of floor smearing. 

They would be correct.

But ALSO, you'll be learning science-backed methods to help people sense their bodies in connection with what's around them, thus improving their mobility, confidence, and quality of life. 

As a Floor Flow Teacher Trainee, you'll have a unique opportunity to examine HOW you move so that you can guide others to become incredibly fluid and imaginative movers.

It's true. Not everyone understands floorwork by looking at it. 'Why are they rolling around like that," they say.

But those who Flow, Know.

So, are you ready to indulge in unreasonably enjoyable movement practices and learn teaching techniques that blow minds?

Not sure Floor Flow suits your style? Check out what this competivie B-Boy has to say about it:

Alex Milewski

Alex is a competitive bboy, movement omnivore and founder at Block 1750 in Boulder, CO.

When you step into the "Marlo-verse" you feel a sense of wonder being held by the work she put in to create that space.

Do you remember "that teacher" in school who just seemed to "know everything"? I find myself, time and again, in Marlo's classes, thinking that of her when it comes to movement.

 Obviously, nobody knows "everything," but I think this sense of trust in her as a teacher and mover cannot be overstated: her process, practice, and preparation are so deeply rooted and refined...  

Many of the words and phrases from FFTT have stuck with me in my teaching and practice over the years...the language Marlo uses in her teaching is so powerful because of the direct visual/sensual resonance it offers us as human beings. 

These words and the connected visuals have made me a better teacher and mover by allowing my students (and self) to really see movements and motions in their minds before and while learning them in their bodies.


During the 4-month program, you will UPGRADE YOUR TEACHING AND TRAINING through

  • Experiential Movement Journeys

  • Floor Fluency Techniques

  • Creation Labs

  • Cue Clinics

Here's what's included in the Floor Flow Teacher Training:

💥Floor Flow Teacher Training Community access (a place off of social media for questions and reflections)

💥Four LIVE 90-minute mobility and mindset prep sessions (July-Oct)

💥22 LIVE Classroom Hours during the eight-week intensive (Oct-Dec)

💥The Floor Flow Teacher Training Manual E-Book (390+pages)

💥Weekly office hours (Meet me on Zoom for some additional exercises and individual feedback)

💥2 small-group coaching sessions where you're guaranteed individual feedback on your work

💥Lifetime access to all materials

💥Weekly quizzes and homework exercises

💥Direct one-to-one coaching support from me 6 days a week

💥Reminders to help you DO THE WORK : )

Don't Just Take My Word for It -- Hear What This Vibrant Woman Has to Say About My Work:

Jacquie T.

Owner, Bottom's Up Dance, Melbourne, Australia

Over five years, I have watched my students grow in confidence as they find the flow state within their bodies. Those moments in the flow state give me goosebumps every week.

Floor Flow changed my movement immensely. It brought breath and awareness to my body in a way that I hadn't felt before. I lost myself in the movement. I slowed down. I immersed myself in the floor. I found me. My body felt amazing, my mind was free, and I felt I could do this forever.

In class with guided prompts, [my students] began to let go of the outside world, let go of the thinking brain, and they too immersed themselves in the floor and their movement. They have become more confident, their bodies feel gooey, they sleep better, their and their backs feel amazing. 

To those who are indecisive about whether Floor Flow is for them, I say it is for absolutely everybody."

To do well as a movement leader, it really helps to have:

🌟Tools to settle and presence yourself so that you can authentically connect with and care about your students

🌟Class material that is interesting enough to hold people's attention yet accessible enough that everyone in the room can work on some version of the material

🌟The ability to cue awareness of postural patterns and body mechanics 

🌟The skills to create an experience totally unlike the rest of someone's day.

Luckily, the Floor Flow Teacher Training explores all of these topics in depth. 

And, you'll get to smear and slide on the floor while learning. How awesome is that?

What Students are Saying about Flow Movement Courses


Pole Artist, Writer, and Creative Director

"Marlo's teachings have offered me tools to cultivate technical precision through body awareness and to expand my Artistry through intentional experimentation & Play. The fundamental skills and principles taught in her courses can be applied to any style of movement or even daily life…"

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Plus, If you register in the first 24 hours, you are automatically entered to win private teacher development coaching with me (Normally $250/hr).

Kind words from respected movement teachers who have applied the Floor Flow Training to their classes:

Emily S.

Former competitive Irish and Pole Dancer, Experimental Pilates teacher, dog mom

“Taking floor flow trainings has been by far the most beneficial thing I've done for myself both as a teacher and a dancer. It is a teacher training, immersive experience, and exploration of concepts that will give you endless creative and practical tools for approaching movement.”

Andrea P.

Strength Coach who helps pole dancers develop sustainable and joyful movement practices

“Marlo is my reference when it comes to movement teachers. Her classes, workshops and trainings are works of art. She has mastered the ability to guide a group into a state flow with movement...and turn any circumstance into a dance party! If you want to increase your movement vocabulary on the floor, have a blast and help others connect their mind-body and soul doing the same thing, Marlo's Floor Flow Teacher Training is a MUST. “

Is The Floor Flow Teacher Training right for YOU?

Perhaps you can see how FFTT transforms some people's relationship to movement, but you aren't sure if it will work for you.

The Floor Flow Teacher Training LIVE is NOT for you if:

❌ You're not interested in examining why you do the things you do. The FFTT asks for you to be introspective and to be open to shifting the way you do things.

❌ You don't believe that what you do, think, and pay attention to in your personal practice impacts others. 

❌ You want an exact copy-paste formula for teaching classes. (Why? That's not how great classes operate. It has to come from you. Instead, FFTT will provide teaching tools that help you become a more intuitive and creative teacher.)

❌ You kind of (or maybe really) hate le

 You're going to love the Floor Flow Teacher Training if:


✅ You're passionate about movement, and you know there is more to movement than linear progressions and cookie-cutter moves. This course will make it easy for you to resource creativity in your personal practice and teaching. 

✅ You can dedicate a minimum of 5-6 hours a week to your growth over the eight weeks of the program.

✅You're willing to PLAY. The FFTT makes space for play and your willingness to participate matters.


Questions? Curiosities? Fantastic, I love both of those things.

  • Who, exactly, is the FFTT for?

    The Floor Flow Teacher Training is designed for current and aspiring movement leaders of any discipline interested in quality of movement, skill refinement, movement artistry, individual expression, cultivating enjoyment and sensuality, Flow states, nervous system informed classes, and play.

  • I'm not a dancer. Do I need any prior training or prerequisites?

    Nope! Not at all. Floor Flow is a highly accessible practice. While most people who attend FFTT have experience with floor movement, all are welcome.

  • Do I need any particular abilities?

    No, all are welcome. Everything is modifiable. In fact, a large part of what we explore in the training is how to make a basic movement form or concept adapt to different needs and desires. For individuals with disabilities and accessibility needs, please notify us of what we can do to optimize your learning experience.

  • What language is the material taught in?

    The training is taught in English. If you do not speak English but would like to participate, contact us.

  • I'm not a teacher, and I'm not sure if I ever will be. Can I take it?

    Yes! Many people take FFTT who are not teachers. Read what Alex M. had to say about it: "[Marlo] doesn't cater the course to "getting a certificate to become a teacher," it was just as relevant for those of us who simply wanted to further our movement education/practice through a week of intense learning and sharing. This "participant" accessibility is further increased by Marlo's brilliant use of descriptive language throughout the course."

  • Can I teach what I learn in the FFTT?

    YOU BETTER. Just kidding. But really, the best way to learn anything is to teach it to others. The only thing you are asked not to do is create a teacher training directly based on the material or to teach a class by the name Floor Flow unless you have tested out and are licensed to do so.

  • How do people apply what they learn in the FFTT?

    YOU WILL NEVER ROLL OUT OF BED THE SAME. But also, people who attend FFTT report feeling like they have a whole new way of leading their classes. As they continue teaching their classes (yoga, mixed-modality, pilates, kettlebells, pole dance, even embodiment coaching), and they bring back a heightened awareness of floor technique and teaching practices that encourage exploration. Here are some other of the ways people apply the material: *Therapists who use floor movement with their clients as an embodiment and somatic awareness protocol. *They just love to learn *They bring it to their communities and family—teaching their less mobile peoples more efficient ways to get up *They teach floor-based classes loosely based on the frameworks proposed by FFTT *They seek licensing and teach Floor Flow classes.

  • I'm a pole dance teacher. How will this help me?

    Contact points, levers, quality of movement, fluidity, weight transfer, center of mass, mobility--do these things sound familiar? Floor Flow looks at all of these concepts in depth. Many pole teachers have brought Floor Flow into their warm-ups and have felt far more creative with their pole content, a transformation in their attention to detail.

  • I'm a yoga teacher. How will this help me?

    FF will help you help your student feel free to move beyond the borders of their mat. May FF techniques can be applied to the asana practice without abandoning your typical way of moving. Additionally, the emphasis on using the floor as an apparatus tends to help teachers improve their closed-chain cueing. They are better equipped to get their students to engage all the right things--without ever having to name the muscles to "engage."

  • What are the classes like?

    In Floor Flow Online, you'll experience a few types of sessions: ✨Pre-training Prep sessions (1x per month July-Oct) ✨Saturday 2.5 hr. Full-Group Main Sessions (Oct-Dec) ✨Tuesday 90min. Integration + Review sessions (Oct-Dec) ✨Small-group coaching sessions that you will sign-up for later on (many days and times will be available) (Oct-Dec) ✨Practice Groups (July-Dec) All classes will happen on Zoom where you are welcome to participate with your camera on or off.

  • What days will we meet?

    July-Oct: The 90-minute prep sessions are on Sun Jul 18, Sat Aug 28, and Sep 25. (Exact times TBD). Full Group sessions during the 8-week training meet Every Tuesday and Saturday, Oct 30-Dec 18, 2021.

  • What time are the classes?

    Due to the super international group that will participate in FFTT and the importance of meeting live, we will alternate class times. Sessions will alternate between times that tend to work for people in Europe/Africa and Asia/Australia (Of course, if you are cool with taking class at like 3 am, you are always welcome. ) For example, sessions will alternate between times like this: Session #1 Saturday: 3a Sydney/8a Hawaii/10a PST/1 EST/19:00 CEST/21:00 Dubai [Note that this is the following day in Australia/Asia/Dubai] Session #2 9a Sydney/2p Hawaii/4p PST/7p EST/1:00 CEST/ 3:00 Dubai (If your head hurts reading that, I FEEL YOU. We will make sure it is crystal clear once you are in there. Plus, we will help you form practice groups to explore the material in the company of other people in the FFTT. You can watch the recording together, practice the material from class, and do other accountability things.

  • What if I have to miss sessions? Is it all recorded?

    No problem! The recordings will be uploaded to your video library within 24 hours—as soon as technology makes it possible. There will be many chances for you to get live and direct coaching from a senior Floor Flow teacher or me. Plus, you have lifetime access to the videos.

  • Will it work for my time zone?

    The group sessions will happen on Saturdays at around 12p PST/3 EST (this tends to work well for N/S. America and Europe, but not Asia/Australis. So, the weekly office hour session (this is a mini-class/review/Q+A/lab) will happen on Wednesdays and will alternate times to accommodate participants in both Australia/Asia region time zones and Europe/Africa time zones (as well as N/S. America.

  • Is this a certification?

    What is a certification, really? A program that says, "You were here! You learned things! Here is a piece of paper. "In that case, yes. By attending all the sessions (live or the recording) completing the modules, quizzes, and small group sessions, you will get a certificate of attendance. If you choose to take the final test and pass, you will get an additional certificate saying that you are Floor Flow certified. *Please note that being certified allows you to teach however you like, but to teach a class called Floor Flow, you will need to be licensed—more on that below. I [guarantee] that you will learn during this program. And if you commit to show up for classes and do the exercises, you will leave with TONS of teaching techniques.

  • Is it lifetime access?


  • Does any overseeing organization officially recognize the FFTT?

    No. Here's why. There is no organization that the FFTT would conform to. It's not yoga, It's not strength and conditioning, it's not 'group exercise'--and these are the movement forms that tend to be overseen/regulated/policed by an organizing body. Floor Flow is not dance- by any conventional definition-and, even if I called it that there is no predominant overseeing body for general dance education. I used to be an official provider of CECs for ACE, however people come to FFTT from all over the world, and each country has different organizations and restrictions on FFTT is teacher enrichment.

  • Do I get a certificate at the end?

    Yes, you get a certificate at the end that says you attended it. This is NOT the same as being "certified" as a Floor Flow teacher.

  • Is there a test?

    There will be quizzes throughout the training. There is an optional final test if you would like to receive the "Floor Flow Certified" credential--as opposed to just a certificate of attendance.

  • How do I get Fully Floor Flow "certified"?

    between Jan 25, 2022- Feb 8, 2022. You will submit a 30minute video of you teaching to at least three other people (it can be an online class as well), and you must provide feedback on at least two other people's video tests. Your video will be reviewed by a senior Floor Flow teacher or myself. If your work demonstrates comprehension, creativity, and application of Floor Flow concepts, you will get a second certificate that says you've tested out and passed. If you do not pass and need to retest, we will give you a specific assignment to complete before passing. *Reminder: even if you do not test, you will get a certificate of completion if you have completed all the modules and homework assignments. Video Guidelines: The participants need to be visible so that we can see the two-way communication of the classroom. Ideally, you teach to people of varying levels, not to people already well-versed in floor movement.

  • Why do I have to wait a month after the training to test?

    You will possibly learn not just a whole new way of moving but also a new way of structuring a class, cueing, and interacting with students. The training itself is time to absorb and play with the material, but there is a necessary digestion period. Historically, the sooner someone has wanted to test, the less they followed the directions, which meant that they had to retest.

  • Can I get Continuing Education credits (CEC/CEU)?

    (For reference, many certifications and licenses require some kind of yearly credits to maintain certification) FFTT is not affiliated with any other organization. However, some people have successfully applied the FFTT to their certifications by submitting an outline of the training. However, each country has different organizations and rules. Contact your certifying organization and us if you have further questions.

  • How long will I have access to The Floor Flow Teacher Training materials?


  • What technology/devices do I need to participate?

    Stable WiFi and a computer or tablet device are recommended.

  • What kind of space/flooring will I need?

    To be honest, Floor Flow is most enjoyable when you can slide, spread out, and roll about without colliding with things. So, I recommend participating on a smooth (non-carpeted, not rubber) floor and having an area that is 12x12 ft plus (4x4 meters). However, you are welcome to join, even if you do not have a space like this. I will notify you in advance when we will do the particularly slidey movements in case you can be on a slidey floor those days. Adaptability is at the heart of Floor Flow, so there are ways to participate and play along no matter your space.

  • What if I can't attend the sessions live?

    That's okay! There is no live attendance requirement.

  • How will this help me be more successful as a teacher?

    *People come to you when they feel seen by you *People come to you when they get results with you *People come to you when you can transport them to a different state of being Additionally, one of the most important traits of great teachers is

So, what qualifies me to lead this program?

While I'm probably most known as a pole dance innovator, I've been immersed in movement education for decades.

My understanding of floorwork and how to use the floor as an apparatus is a critical part of what made me the movement artist and widely-respected teacher I am today.

Here's a sampling of my experience:

  • 30+ years of dedicated ongoing multidisciplinary dance study primarily in Contemporary, Ballet-derived, and African Diasporic forms. 
  • 22 years of teaching experience (dance, group fitness, personal training and a whole lot of hard-to-quickly describe movement events)
  • Taught in 70+ countries to movers ages 2-80
  • Professional dance credits for Nike, MTV, VH1, Diddy, Nelly, Pharell Williams, General Motors, Rock of Ages (movie), Law + Order, and much more.
  • Co-author of 4 other teacher training programs 
  • Former ACE and NASM personal trainer
  • Former American and International 1st place champion pole dancer 
  • Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist
  • Former ACE, AFAA, and AAAI group exercise instructor 
  • An honors graduate of the Virginia Governor's School for the Arts (as a modern dance major)
  • BS in Anthropology and Public Relations from the University of Miami.
  • Studied directly with Katy Bowman (Restorative Exercise Specialist program)
  • Year-long Anatomy of Yoga graduate with Leslie Kaminoff (The Yoga Anatomy Guy)
  • Anatomy Trains Live
  • Studied Pilates mat under Kelly Kane (Kane school Pilates)
  • Attended Tom Weksler intensives 7x (Movement Archery)
  • Adaptive Training Academy Adaptive and Inclusive Trainer (ATA)
  • Embodied Social Justice (certificate pending)
  • Former IPDFA instructor of the year
  • Webby Award winner
  • Presenter at fitness conferences such as IDEA and ECA, The Embodinemt Conference, The Embodied Movment Summit, Pole Con and Pole Expo


A Final Message From Marlo...

Many people will tell you that you NEED their expertise to take you to the next level.

And that by doing things their way, you will be a better coach.

I refuse to do that. 

I believe the real opportunity that Floor Flow provides is the space for you to discover the wisdom and creativity that is already there within you. 

I want to help you listen to YOU. 

There is a lifetime of inspired movement inside of you. I know it.  

I would be honored to help you free it. 

So, what do you say, are you in?


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