✨A twelve-video introduction to seamless floorwork and mobility practices✨

Have you ever watched a dancer move and thought, "How do they make it so smooth?"

The Fluid Movement Starter Pack, will help you embody the qualities of length, ease, and continuity so you, too can be oh-so-smooth as you move.

Through a mix of follow-along looping patterns and conceptual explorations you will feel free to follow your natural impulses. 

The Fluid Movement Starter Pack includes:

  • Three long-form videos (ranging from 21-34 minutes in length)
  • Seven Floor Flow tutorials 
  • Two live class recordings

Six Minute Session #1: 

Open the front and sides of your body with this simple, swishy, lazy day pattern. 


Six Minute Session #2: 

Twist, arch, slide, and roll in this beginner-level combination featuring the 'wild thing.'

Flowbility Session 1: 

This 20-minute sequence focuses on hip and spinal mobility. Flow through leg swings, spinal twists, side bends, arches, and more.

Control Your Shift: 

Fluid movement requires control over weight shifts. Explore exercises and concepts to help your fluidify your floorwork.

Floor Flow - Spiral and Sway:

Spiral: winding in a continuous and gradually widening/tightening curve. 

Sway: a rhythmic movement from side to side 

A full-length class that will bring more spiral and sway into your floorwork.

Floor Flow Beginner Preparation Sequence:

This low-intensity thirty-minute sequence is intended to improve your awareness, flexibility, and posture. 

Flowbility Basic Warm-Up: 

This soothing floor-based warm-up is just over 30 minutes long and is suitable for all levels. 

Six Minute Session #8: 

This feel-good session will gently stretch the front and sides of your body.

Six Minute Session #12: 

This low-output session covers on-your-back transitional and mobility skills. 

Six Minute Session #14: 

 Explore an essential flowing weight transfer between a seated V and prone. 

Six Minute Session #17: 

This loop focuses on spinal articulation between a seated kneel and side-lying. 

Six Minute Session #18:

 This circular sequence stays very low and includes gentle spinal twists.